Easy Ways to Include Functional Mushrooms in your diet

Functional mushrooms are amazing for enhancing your body and mind; however, they don’t really taste that well. There are ways to incorporate them into our daily diet by adding them to some of your favourite foods and beverages. We are happy to bring you some nutritious ways to incorporate the goodness of functional mushrooms into your daily diet by adding Organic Mushrooms natural extracts to your daily consumables.

Soups – Extract powders are a perfect addition to soups. Their umami taste can hide well inside the creamy and nutritious soups. We have a Classic Korean soup recipe for you.

Tea – Mushroom teas are the new trend. Although it’s not as fancy as it sounds, it is healthier for your mind and body. Just add some of the extracts into your tea or boil the dried mushroom chunks in the water before you pour yourself a hot cup of goodness.

Coffee and hot chocolates – The umami flavours of mushroom extracts can work very well in a cup of hot coffee with milk or hot chocolate. We have shared a full recipe here.

Chili – Are you fond of Mexican chili? Mushroom extract powders can be easily mixed into a spicy Mexican stew along with chili peppers, your choice of meat, tomatoes, and beans with seasoning like garlic, onions, and cumin.

Organic Mushroom Chocolate Balls – These little treats are delicious while they are soft, sweet, and loaded with flavour and powers from functional mushroom extracts. This snack is particularly packed with nutrients and bioactive compounds that is super beneficial for your mind and body and helps incorporate functional mushroom extracts in your diet regime in a simple but tasty way.

Pasta Sauces – You can stir mushroom powders into pasta sauces. If you are planning to indulge in some pasta or gnocchi soon, mushroom extract powders are a fantastic addition to the sauces and can also enhance the savoury taste.

Breaded pork chops – you can add functional mushroom extract powder in with your breadcrumb mixture while you are making breaded pork chops or chicken parmesan or chicken cutlets.

Chicken Pot Pie – Mushroom extract powders can be a great addition to the pot as you mix it with the meat and other ingredients like carrots and peas topped with pie crust.

Mushroom Powder Brownies – you can add mushroom powder into desserts, and it works wonders with baked brownies. The sweet chocolate makes the umami taste almost unnoticeable.

Donuts – Similar to brownies, mushroom extracts can be a powerful addition to donuts, and you can garnish the same with any topping of your choice from cream to chocolate to frosting.

Juices – Tinctures have a strong taste due to the 1/3rd portion of food-grade cane alcohol in them. You can dilute the tinctures by adding them into juices of your choice. Fresh citrus juices make a great combination.

Incorporating functional mushrooms into your daily diet is an amazing and seamless way for your body and mind to receive important nutrition. These healthy habits go a long way in helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. It is recommended to have 2-3 grams of mushroom extracts in a day. While mushroom extracts have no side effects, we recommend you speak to your physician in case you are making substantial changes to your diet regime.

We hope the ideas mentioned above help you incorporate functional mushrooms into your daily diet. If you have any great creative recipes that go well with functional mushroom extracts, let us know and we might have a gift for you. Share your recipes with us at

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