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Organic Reishi Products

Beta-glucan verified, and absolutely no fillers.

The Longevity Mushroom

Organically grown and hot water extracted to increase the bioavailability of beneficial compounds like beta-glucans.

Often called the “Longevity Mushroom”, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) helps calm your mind, boosts energy and encourages a good night’s sleep. Traditional medicine practitioners have believed Reishi to promote health, balance body functions and increase life expectancy without any side effects.

Scientists have determined that Reishi mushrooms are beneficial for supporting longevity and wellness and are extremely abundant. This fungus contains over 400 different bioactive compounds including triterpenoids, polysaccharides, nucleotides, sterols, steroids, fatty acids, proteins, peptides, and trace elements, that assist the body in numerous ways.

Reishi mushroom is a popular and rich source of numerous potential health benefits. It is known to boost the immune system, fight cancer cells, improve several body functions and promote wound healing due to the presence of triptanes. Moreover, Reishi mushroom contains triterpenes that can enhance mood, reduce anxiety, relieve depression, calm the mind and alleviate stress. Besides these, there are several other advantages that one can obtain from using Reishi mushrooms. The Reishi mushroom is an excellent source of important minerals, vitamins (especially vitamin D and B-complex vitamins), amino acids, macronutrients, antioxidants and protein, despite being non-animal-based.

Some of the benefits of Reishi Mushrooms include:

– Helps patients with health conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, diabetes
– Used in anti-tumor drugs to prevent Cancer
– Reishi mushrooms are adaptogens
– Supportive for sleep and a restful mind
– Supportive of lung and respiratory health
– Maintains blood sugar levels
– Supports immune system
– Supportive of the lower urinary tract

We use certified organic mushrooms to unlock the most beneficial compounds like beta-glucans and improve bioavailability. Our products are organic, vegan, GMO and gluten-free and are produced in Canada from start to finish ensuring quality and authenticity.

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