How Organic Mushrooms supplements are made

What’s good for your body may not taste the best and this holds true in the case of functional mushrooms. Functional mushrooms generally grow on wood logs uninterrupted by humans and they start with extracting the goodness of nature around them. Lion’s Mane can be found growing on hardwood trees such as birch, maple, oak, walnut and sycamore. ​​Cordyceps mushrooms can be found in grasslands and on woodland edges, also occasionally pushing up through bare soil. Ganoderma Lucidum or Reishi mushrooms can be found growing on the logs of deciduous trees such as maple, oak, plum, elm and even conifers. Lentinus edodes or Shiitake mushrooms can be seen growing on the hardwood surfaces of oak, maple, and ironwood trees. Inonotus Obliquus commonly known as Chaga grows as a black, charcoal-like mass with a woody, rusty-brown interior generally protruding out of the bark of birch trees. Trametes versicolor or Turkey Tail Mushroom grows on decomposing trees of oak, white birch and maple trees.

Each of these functional mushrooms has been revered for centuries for their adaptogenic properties and their beneficial bioactive compounds. It is difficult to consume these mushrooms directly because of their taste and hence it is better to extract the beneficial bioactive compounds through a patented double hot-water extraction process.

At Organic Mushrooms, our mushrooms are grown at Pemberton, BC. The process involves colonizing natural gluten-free grains and then added to hardwood substrate upon completion of colonization. The fruiting bodies are grown in hardwood substrate fruiting blocks and upon colonizing the blocks are introduced to fruiting conditions which involves the temperature management, managing air flow and humidity for the fruiting bodies.

Each fruiting body depending upon the type of mushroom strain can take between 2 weeks to 8 weeks before reaching maturity. The fruiting bodies are then harvested along with the mycelium. Upon harvesting, the fruiting bodies are dried and prepared for the extraction process. The extraction process is dual, and we use a double hot water extraction process which involves running the fruiting bodies through hot water. The residue left after the first extraction is then introduced to steam extraction. The nutrients left after both the extractions are then put through an air-drying system to remove the water, leaving behind the final mushroom extracts in the form of powder.

Extract Powders: Organic Mushroom Extract Powders are 100% natural extracts of functional mushrooms extracted using a patented double extraction method using hot water and steam. Our extract powders are 100% organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and without any fillers. There are multiple ways to incorporate extract powder into your daily diet either by using it for making curries, soups, baked items or adding them into smoothies. 1/3 teaspoon is 1 gram of mushroom extracts.

Organic Mushrooms Tinctures are created by mixing extract powder into food grade cane alcohol and hot water. Our tinctures have a 33:33:33 ratio of mushroom extracts, hot water and food grade cane alcohol. Tinctures offer the fastest solubility and can be consumed directly or easily mixed with juices. 1 tincture dropper equals 1 gram of mushroom extracts.

Organic Mushrooms Capsules have the mushroom extract powder filled in vegetarian hypromellose caps which are easily digested when consumed. Capsules are convenient to have on the go. Each capsule is 500mg of mushroom extracts.

Organic Mushrooms Supplement Gummies are made by mixing the extract powder with gelatine and organic cane sugar. Each gummy equals 1 gram of mushroom extracts.

It is recommended to have 2-3 grams of mushroom extracts per day. The potency for all our supplements is the same, the only difference is the way of consumption. You can choose the type that’s easiest to incorporate in your daily routine.

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