Heart Health Wellness Bundle

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This bundle gives you more than 15% off on the base price of all included products.

The one month supply of this package includes:

  • 60 Reishi Mushroom Capsules
  • 60 Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules
  • 60 Shiitake Mushroom Capsules

Our products are:

  • 100% pure mushroom extracts
  • Organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten free
  • We only use vegetarian (hypromellose) capsules
  • Our capsules contain absolutely no fillers

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Our Heart Health Mushroom Bundle is a carefully curated selection of nature’s finest fungi to support your cardiovascular well-being. This bundle features three remarkable mushroom varieties—Reishi, Cordyceps, and Shiitake—available in capsule form. Elevate your well-being with the power of mushrooms, and embrace a healthier heart today!

  1. Reishi Mushroom: Known as the “Longevity Mushroom”, reishi is celebrated for its adaptogenic properties, helping to reduce stress and inflammation. It supports heart health by regulating blood pressure and promoting overall cardiovascular wellness.
  2. Cordyceps Mushrooms: Cordyceps are a powerhouse of energy and endurance. They enhance oxygen utilization, making them excellent for improving circulation and boosting heart performance. These mushrooms are a favorite among athletes and those looking to optimize their cardiovascular fitness.
  3. Shiitake Mushrooms: Often regarded as the “Heart Mushroom”, Shiitake mushrooms are not only delicious but also rich in nutrients like beta-glucans that can help lower cholesterol levels. They support heart health by promoting balanced blood lipid profiles and reducing the risk of plaque buildup in arteries.

For best results, the recommended daily consumption is 2 capsules of each included mushroom supplement. Please note that this is not medical advice – consult with a medical professional at your discretion before using our products for medical purposes. 


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42 reviews for Heart Health Wellness Bundle

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    Pablo E.

    This bundle is a heart saver for anyone looking to support their cardiovascular health naturally.

    February 18, 2024
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Dakota F.

    Its comforting to know that I am nurturing my heart with some of natures finest fungi.

    February 13, 2024
  • Avatar

    Nino A.

    Heart conditions run in my family so Im glad I found this bundle to help ease my mind. Knowing I am doing everything I can to stay healthy makes me feel great.

    February 9, 2024
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Candy C.

    Feeling healthier than ever!

    February 6, 2024
    Verified Review
  • Avatar


    My heart health has become a priority, and this bundle has been a key player. Feeling more energetic and my doctors happy with my numbers. The capsules make it so easy to stay on track.

    February 1, 2024
    Verified Review

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Heart Health Wellness Bundle

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