Mushroom Tinctures: Everything You Need to Know

What are tinctures?

Tinctures are concentrated herbal extracts made by soaking plant parts in alcohol or vinegar and extracting the active ingredients. Tinctures from Organic Mushrooms are a convenient way to deliver essential nutrients from mushrooms to the body and are prescribed for various issues, including relief from stress and anxiety, pain, lethargy and insomnia. Regular use is believed to help prevent major diseases as well.

How are tinctures made?

The process of making Organic Mushrooms tinctures starts with gathering useful parts of natural mushrooms. Unwanted parts are then removed and the useful matter is washed and coarsely chopped to be put into an airtight jar. The jar is filled with hot water and organic cane alcohol for a specific period depending on the specific mushroom type and its benefits. The active components of the mushrooms are extracted during the soaking process. We normally use glacier hot water and organic cane alcohol as the preferred liquid to extract the active components that are not water-soluble.

What do tinctures taste like?

When consuming an Organic Mushrooms tincture, only a small amount of alcohol is typically ingested. This method is considered to be safe and effective in delivering the benefits of mushrooms. Now, tinctures may not taste great to a lot of people and would taste like alcohol. Hence, it is recommended to mix the suggested dosage with juice or hot water mixed with honey among other drink choices.

Why are tinctures good?

It is important to know that our bodies effectively utilize about 98% of herbal extracts and tinctures, but only around 50% of capsules and tablets. This is because tinctures contain a higher concentration of mushrooms in a smaller dose, making them more potent. When it comes to fulfilling nutrition gaps, there is evidence that tinctures can be stronger than edibles in certain circumstances. It is worth noting that tinctures deliver the effects of mushrooms faster than edibles, but the degree of difference depends on the method of consumption. Direct intake through the dropper under the tongue is the quickest way to absorb the nutrients, however not recommended due to its alcohol-like taste.

The best way to consume tinctures:

Many people mask the strong taste of tinctures by adding them to drinks or meals. You too can enjoy the benefits of Organic Mushrooms tinctures without experiencing the strong taste. To make the taste more palatable, it is recommended to mix the tinctures in fresh juices, smoothies or tea, while foods such as yogurt and pudding also mix well with tinctures. It is important to note that the effects of tinctures consumed in this way can take as long as edibles to be felt. If you prefer, you can add tinctures to orange juice, pineapple juice, or mixed juices as they have the required citrus content and are ideal for mixing with tinctures. Additionally, you can even add tinctures to herbal teas and vegetable smoothies!

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