The origin of all life forms – Fungi

The origin of all life forms - Fungi

The origin of all life forms – Fungi

Long before human life existed on this planet, fungi thrived as the sole ancestral group of microorganisms. It later split into plants and animals, of which we have evolved as human beings. As the first form of complex life on this planet, fungi mined rocks for minerals slowly converting them into soil. It has changed our planet over the last few million years creating the modern world.

For millions of years, fungi have built on the experience of doing one thing they know best, fighting their way to survive and supporting life as we know it. Fungi is nature’s best survivor which has existed out of nothing, being the most resourceful and successful life form ever known to mankind.

Civilizations before us have realized the potential and used fungi in various forms. There are pieces of evidence of functional fungi/mushrooms being considered spiritual by our forefathers thousands of years ago. In the early gatherings of humans, there have been revelations about bread and fermented drinks made with fungi. The same is expected to have been used to treat and drink the water contaminated with harmful bacteria, making it safe to drink and eventually saving generations from perishing. So far, modern science has identified some of the medicinal properties of fungi/ mushrooms that help enhance your immune system and support the fight against diseases such as cancer and various other issues such as inflammation, indigestion, improper sleep and so on. Medicinal fungi or mushrooms are known to be antiviral and antibacterial. What is now called medicinal mushrooms can be generally defined as fungi that can be used for fighting and healing from multiple diseases or supporting the body’s need for essential nutrition as health supplements.

In recent history, we have seen multiple references to such fungi being used as a part of medicine, especially in parts of Asia. Countries like Japan and China have approved the use of medicinal mushrooms as an addition to standard cancer treatments. There are references to some medicinal mushrooms as the elixir of immortality. Revered mushrooms such as Lions Mane have been known to boost cognitive properties. Monks used to consume tea with Reishi mushroom extracts for its potent anti-ageing properties. For long mushrooms such as Reishi and others have been considered a sign of luck, healing and wellness in Chinese culture.

Scientists estimate that there are over five million species of fungi on this planet, yet only one percent of that has been discovered so far. Almost a hundred years ago, Alexander Fleming discovered the properties of a fungus called Penicillium – which was used to create the drug penicillin. That led to a dawn of antibiotics which has saved millions of lives from epidemics across the world. Scientists believe that we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to the vast benefits of this natural medicine used over centuries, which we casually call fungi or refer to as functional or medicinal mushrooms.

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