Why do you need health supplements?

Despite a good meal, your body is devoid of essential nutrition in terms of vital minerals, vitamins and essential bioactive compounds

Imagine consuming a five-course meal with the best of appetizers, salad, main course and desserts. You spent a lot of money on the meal for the experience and liked it too, but your body is still searching for those essential vitamins and minerals critical for the proper functioning of your body. General meals (dine-out or home-cooked) provide you with the best proteins along with essential and non-essential fats that act as fuel for your body but mostly lack Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K also important minerals like Iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and more. In addition to essential minerals and vitamins, your body needs bioactive compounds to ensure the proper functioning of your body. Constant lack of bioactive compounds leads to issues in digestion, sleeping and skin while leading to an unhealthy heart, depression and anxiety among many other health issues.

According to general estimates, the human body’s biological ageing process is not steady and differs for everyone. There is generally a steady decline in muscle growth post the age of 30 and major changes can be felt around the ages of 34, 60, and 78. Metabolism tends to slow down as you get older contributing to weight gain, increasing the risk of health issues such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Stress is another problem that adds to the overall deterioration of your body. Loss of muscle mass leads to fatigue and slows you down in day-to-day activities. As you age, the digestive system becomes less efficient at breaking down and absorbing nutrients from food. While older adults generally have lower calorie needs, but similar or even increased nutrient needs compared to younger adults. This is often due to less physical activity, changes in metabolism or age-related loss of bone and muscle mass all leading to an accelerating need for essential nutrition yet lesser ways to fill the nutritional gap in the body. This is where health supplements come in handy and help you take care of your overall health and wellness or target specific ailments and health issues.

In addition to providing essential nutrition, Organic Mushrooms health supplements are enriched with bioactive compounds that help in improving some of the vital functions of the average human body. Bioactive compounds possess antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which offer a range of health benefits. You can look at Bioactive compounds as the extra-nutritional constituents that are found in small quantities in some superfoods providing health benefits beyond the basic nutritional value of the food item.

Functional mushrooms are an important source of Antioxidants, Beta-glucans, Prebiotics, Proteins, Fibre, Digestive enzymes and Bioactive compounds. While functional mushrooms have been used for centuries in terms of preventive healthcare, recent and ongoing studies have validated their properties that may boost immunity, energy levels, cognitive performance, sleep and gut health, while helping cope better with stress. Health supplements based on organic mushrooms do not have any side effects and incorporating them in your diet regime has multiple benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Organic Mushrooms health supplements:

  • Help relieve depression and anxiety
  • Improves gut health and aids in the digestion process
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Helps you achieve your Fitness Goals
  • Preventive healthcare – prevent cancer cell growth
  • Support and balance the body’s immune function
  • Help in better cognition and restful sleep
  • Help in controlling weight
  • Improve your skin

Health supplements made by extracting the goodness of organic mushrooms are beneficial to supplement your overall health and wellness. Regular intake of health supplements can help fill the essential nutrition gap in your body and help you enhance your mind and body.

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