Why are Organic Mushrooms good for you?

Why are Organic Mushrooms good for you

Why are Organic Mushrooms good for you?

Organic means relying on natural substances and farming methods that avoid anything artificial, allowing the crop to grow sustainably only using what’s available to it from mother nature. Even before life existed on this planet, fungi have grown on decaying matter without any help from mankind. The recent upsurge in the demand for mushrooms as health supplements might have caused some growers to use artificial additives or fillers to grow the mushrooms. The main difference between organic and inorganic mushrooms is the way mushrooms are grown and the raw materials used to grow mushrooms.

Conventional mushrooms and organic mushrooms are grown differently. The key differentiator is the nitrogen source used in the growing process. While conventional mushrooms are given nitrogen in the form of a synthetic material called Urea, organic mushrooms utilize fresh or dried chicken fertilizer as a part of the composting process.

Organic mushrooms have higher benefits than non-organic, as studies have shown that the antioxidant content is much higher in organic versus non-organic produce. When it comes to Mushroom supplements, it is important to choose those that are Organic. Organic standards prohibit animal testing, GM practices, manufactured herbicides and artificial fertilizers. Hydrogenated fats, artificial colours and preservatives are also not allowed. This is because mushrooms easily absorb everything from their environment, both good and bad. They can accumulate toxins while growing non-organically, which is not the case with organic mushrooms.

At Organic Mushrooms, we have built relationships with local growers that allow us to create health supplements without any fillers in them. The extraction processes used are all natural using hot water and food-grade alcohol to extract the goodness of functional mushrooms. The patented extraction processes allow the extraction of beneficial bioactive compounds from the fruiting bodies for best use as preventive healthcare supplements. Some growers also use mycelium to extract the beneficial compounds from organically grown mushrooms.

There is a difference of opinions regarding which type of fungal structure is more beneficial in terms of nutrition and medicinal properties – mushroom fruit bodies or mycelium. It’s reasonable to think that functional fungi, at all stages of their life cycle, produce substances that are beneficial for both nutrition and medicine. Understanding the contributions of both structures to health and well-being is important and we can offer both.

We believe in quality and understand how important it is for our customers who expect quality while choosing a mushroom supplement, we believe it’s essential to be transparent about the origins of our mushrooms and our organic certification. Our growers are tested, and we ensure that all our mushroom powders are gluten-free, non-GMO and free of any fillers as we get them tested by third parties. This enables us to offer you the highest quality and purest mushroom supplements.

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